My name is Eric.

In 2016 I moved from San Diego, a town of 1.3 million people, to Mammoth Lakes, population 8,000 (a town less than 1% the size of San Diego).

I love writing, and I hope that I can help other people thinking of taking the plunge to moving to this magical place on Earth.

I receive no compensation for anything I write. All of my words are my own, and are not reflective of Mammoth Mountain, the Town of Mammoth Lakes, or any other organization.

If you like what you’ve read consider making a donation to the all-volunteer search and rescue team I’m on. Our team burns through a lot of equipment, from ropes getting abraded to medical gauze. Even $20 can make a big difference, and maybe you’ll be adventuring up here and then we’ll use that nice fresh gauze (or un-frayed rope) on you. It’s really a win-win.