mono county – 2016 general election analysis

The Mono County Registrar’s Office has published the results from the November 8, 2016 general election. Breaking into the numbers a bit, there are some interesting facts.

Voter Turnout

With 79.64% voter turnout, Mono County has a very engaged voter base compared to the national average of 60% (in a general).

Mammoth is a Leftist Town

Looking at the State Assembly Race between conservative Frank Bigelow and liberal Robert Carabas , Mr. Bigelow won by 154 votes in Mono County as the incumbent with a much larger war chest (nearly 10:1 over Mr. Carabas).  Interesting but ultimately unsurprising was that Mammoth Lakes voted for Mr. Carabas with a 25% majority.

This echoes the Presidential results as well, where Mammoth Lakes had a total of 2,450 voters and nearly 2:1 voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Prop 64 (legalizing marijuana) also lead with nearly 2:1 passage in Mammoth Lakes (1540 yes to 818 no).

The Mammoth Left Resembles the State Left

Looking at Mammoth Lakes with Prop 62 (repealing the death penalty) however didn’t go well, losing by 6% which closely echoes the 8% loss that the bill suffered overall in California.