oh hell yeah: school gets out at 1:30pm

Generally speaking I work 8ish-5ish. Flexibility cuts both ways for me in the sense that sometimes I need to pile on hours at work, pushing through evenings and some weekends. I’ve slept at the office more five times, probably less than ten, when projects have continued on into the wee morning hours.

So I feel zero guilt when it’s a nice day, I have some hours open with no meetings, and bail.


And now I have learned that Mammoth Elementary gets out before 2pm every day. Better: it gets out around noon on Fridays. And that of course means that during the winter I can meet my kids at school with their boards, we can ride to the mountain on the shuttle, and proceed to shred it up.

There are some things about moving to Mammoth that will be hard (paying a big mortgage), there are things that will be different (working remote so much), and then there are things that just kick ass and make me motivated to deal with it all. Like snowboarding with my kids in the afternoon.